The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar is the semi-autonomous government of Zanzibar, a part of Tanzania. It is made up of a Revolutionary Council, a House of Representatives and JudiciaryThe Council's principal role is to advise the President of Zanzibar. The Council is made up of the following members:-

  •  The President of Zanzibar, who is the Chairman of the Council
  • The 1st Vice-President
  • The 2nd Vice-President
  • All Ministers of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar
  • Other members appointed by the President of Zanzibar
H.E. Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi.
H.E. Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi.President of Zanzibar and Chairman of Revolutionary Council
Hon. Othman Masoud Othman
Hon. Othman Masoud OthmanThe First Vice President of Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar
Hon. Hemed Suleiman Abdulla
Hon. Hemed Suleiman AbdullaThe Second Vice President of Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar


Hon. Dr. Saada Mkuya Salum
Hon. Dr. Saada Mkuya SalumMinister of First Vice President's Office
Hon. Haroun Ali Suleiman
Hon. Haroun Ali SuleimanMinister of President's Office, Constitution, Legal Affairs, Public Service and Good Governance.
Hon. Jamal Kassim Ali
Hon. Jamal Kassim AliMinister of President's Office, Finance and Planning
Hon. Nassor Ahmed Mazrui
Hon. Nassor Ahmed MazruiMinister of Health, Social Welfare, Elderly, Gender and Children
Hon. Soud Nahoda Hassan
Hon. Soud Nahoda HassanMinister of Agriculture, Irrigation, Natural Resources and Livestock
Hon. Simai Mohamed Said
Hon. Simai Mohamed SaidMinister of Education and Vocational Training
Hon. Suleiman Masoud Makame
Hon. Suleiman Masoud MakameMinister of Water, Energy and Mining
Hon. Abdalla Hussein Kombo
Hon. Abdalla Hussein KomboMinister of Blue Economy and Fisheries
Hon. Mwinyi Talib Haji
Hon. Mwinyi Talib HajiAttorney General
Hon. Dr. Khalid Salum Mohamed
Hon. Dr. Khalid Salum MohamedMinister of Second Vice President's Office, Policy, Coordination and House of Representaatives.
Hon. Mudrik Ramadhan Soraga
Hon. Mudrik Ramadhan SoragaMinister of President's Office Labour, Economic Affairs and investment.
Hon. Masoud Ali Mohammed
Hon. Masoud Ali MohammedMinister of President's Office, Regional Administration, Local Governments and Special Departments
Hon. Tabia Maulid Mwita
Hon. Tabia Maulid MwitaMinister of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports
Hon. Omar Said Shaaban
Hon. Omar Said ShaabanMinister of Trade and Industrial Development
Hon. Lela Muhamed Mussa
Hon. Lela Muhamed MussaMinister of Tourism and Heritage
Hon. Riziki Pembe Juma
Hon. Riziki Pembe JumaMinister of Lands and Housing Development
Hon. Rahma Kassim Ali
Hon. Rahma Kassim AliMinister of Infrastructure, Communication and Transport
Engineer Zena Ahmed Said
Engineer Zena Ahmed SaidSecretary General of Revolutionary Council