Zanzibar is a country whose border area covers the entire area of ​​Unguja and Pemba
Islands as well as the small Islands surrounding it and its sea which before the
Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar was called the People's Republic of Zanzibar.

In general, the Islands are located between latitude and 6 Degrees South
of the Equator and at 39.55 Degrees and 40 Degrees East,
Zainzibar is one of the two countries that make up the United Republic of Tanzania.

Zanzibar has 4 Decades of weather in the Calendar year from January to December
which includes the Northern (December to February), Spring(March to May),
Winter (June to September) and Autumn (October to November)).

Zanzibar Regions (Cities)
Zanzibar has a total of 5 Regions, of which, 3 Regions are located on Unguja Island which is Urban West Region, Northern Region Unguja and South Region Unguja and 2 Regions are located on Pemba Island which is North Pemba Region and Region of South Pemba.

In order to bring administrative services to the people in their areas, a total of 11
Districts were established which are: Urban District, West District A, West District B, Southern District, Central District, North District A, Northern District B, Chake Chake District, Regional District, Wete District and Micheweni District, where a total of 388 Shehia have been established within those Districts. Zanzibar has an area of ​​637 square Miles.